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Ferno Norden Group imports equipment within emergency, rescue, military and medical technology, and warning equipment for vehicles. Ferno Norden was established in 1979 and has subsidiaries in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland, as well as representatives in Iceland. 

At our newly built modern facility in Horten we have the Nordic head office based with shared services located and the Nordic warehouse, supply, logistics and procurement departments. In addition, administration and finance departments with group management are located together.

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Medical Equipment Division

Our Medical equipment division have for 44 years promoted and sold needed equipment to the emergency services in the Nordics. 

In 2017 we started with a focus on Rescue products to Rescue customers and in 2020 we started selling new solutions from same manufacturers to customers within Care Institutions and to customers caring for public safety.

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Ferno Norden Sweden AB (FAB)

∘ Company reg.nr.: SE 556231-7767
∘ VAT nr.: SE556231776701
∘ Phone: +46 (0) 520-420200
∘ Address: Kardanvägen 37, 461 38 Trollhättan, Sweden
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Ferno Norden Sweden AB are working in close cooperation with its customers ever since 1982. The company´s products are being used daily in emergencies with high demands on safety, quality and function. Ferno Norden Sweden´s primary customers are the ambulance service, the emergency services, the police, the civil defense, and the emergency vehicles manufacturers. The company has been expanding its business into new markets as public safety, healthcare facilities and the private sector.

Ferno Norden Denmark A/S (FAS)

∘ Company reg.nr.: 15280689
∘ VAT nr.: DK 15280689
∘ Phone: +45 43 62 43 16
∘ Address: Herstedvang 8, 2620 Albertslund, Denmark
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Ferno Norden Denmark A/S was established in 1992 and has since its inception collaborated closely with its customers in an advisory manner and as a partner in relation to product development. The equipment we sell is used daily by people in job positions where safety, quality and function are of great importance and sometimes even a matter of life and death. The customers we serve include the police, ambulance and rescue services, civil defence, and the military. In recent years, our company has been expanding its activities within different industries, public environments, the healthcare sector, and private markets. 

Ferno Norden Norway AS (FNA)

∘ Company reg.nr.: 916 230 451
∘ VAT nr.: MVA 916 230 451NO
∘ Phone: +47 33 03 45 00
∘ Address: Innlaget 25, 3185 Skoppum, Norway
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Ferno Norden Norway AS is one of Norway's leading suppliers of equipment for pre-hospital work, industrial protection, rescue and funeral. Ferno Norden Norway is working with several wholesalers within offshore, maritime, construction and industry. The company have partnered with national organizations specialized in saving lives at sea, in the mountains or at construction sites. 

Ferno Norden Finland OY (FOY)

∘ Company reg.nr.: 05770485
∘ VAT nr.: FI 05770485
∘ Phone: +358 (0) 29 1700 454
∘ Address: Alumiinitie 5, 15880 Hollola, Finland
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Ferno Norden Finland OY is Finland's leading supplier of first aid and rescue products, warning lights and evacuation equipment for both the public and private sectors. In Finland we are also working closely with the emergency vehicles manufacturers and have a good relationship to many customers within the funeral services.

Ferno Norden Iceland (ICE)

∘ Company: Donna ehf.
∘ MVA: 13777
∘ VAT nr.: 611074-0189
∘ Phone: +354 555 3100
∘ Address: Móhella, 221 Hafnarfjörður, Island
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Donna ehf, based in Hafnafjördur, has been our trusted representative in Iceland for many years. Specializing in promoting Ferno Norden products, they also offer a range of additional local products tailored to the Icelandic market. As a leading company in equipment for the care and transport of the injured, Donna ehf serves various sectors in Iceland, including ambulances, hospitals, clinics, police, civil defense, rescue teams, and more.

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Mobility Division

Emergency and Commercial Vehicles

Mobility Division rebuild, assemble equipment, and deliver police cars, emergency vehicles, emergency motorcycles and various special vehicles and commercial vehicles.

In the last 5 years Ferno Mobility have specialized in electrical cars modification and technology. 

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Ferno Mobility AS (MOB)

∘ Company reg.nr.: 912 507 831
∘ VAT nr.: MVA 912 507 831NO
∘ Phone: +47 33 03 45 00
∘ Address: Innlaget 25, 3185 Skoppum, Norway
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Ferno Mobility is the leading company building police cars and cars for the emergency services in Norway. In addition have Ferno Mobility specialized in converting electrical commercial vehicles to busses, cargo builds and specialized vehicles to large corporations being big fleet owners. Ferno Mobility is a partner with all leasing companies in Norway and is priority partner for Maxus, BYD  and Mercedes and have partnerships with several other car importers. Ferno Mobility is ISO9001 and ISO 14001 certified, have authorization up to 7.500 kg from Norwegian authorities (Statens Vegvesen) and have the highest E-Com certificate. 

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Military Division

Military and MedEvac Equipment

In 2022, we expanded the group with a separate company being Ferno Norden Military Systems (FNM), which sells a large range of medic and rescue equipment needed from wounded soldier to safe ground equipment to the Nordic armed forces.

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Ferno Norden Military Systems AS (MIL)

∘ Company reg.nr.: 929 382 560
∘ VAT nr.: MVA929 382 560NO
∘ Phone: +47 33 03 45 00
∘ Address: Innlaget 25, 3185 Skoppum, Norway
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Ferno Norden Military AS provides medical and TCCC equipment on the Nordic market. The company is specialized in Tactical Evacuation (CasEvac) and Rescue Equipment (MedEvac) and Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC). Our systems are being used by U.S Special Operations Command (SOCOM), U.S Department, Defense and U.S Army, British Armed Forces and other NATO countries.

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